M*A*S*H episode
“White Gold”
MASH episode-3x23 Henry and Flagg
Colonel Flagg (right), posing undercover to uncover the culprit penicillin stolen from the 4077th, and a possible black market ring, discusses it with Henry, with Radar looking on in "White Gold".
Season 3, Episode # 23
Number (#71) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Jamie Farr
William Christopher
Hilly Hicks
Stafford Repp
Danil Torppe
Michael A. Salcido
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: B-319
Writer(s) Larry Gelbart & Simon Munter
Director Hy Averback
Original airdate March 11, 1975
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Episode chronology
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"Payday" (B‑305) "Abyssinia, Henry" (B‑324)
(Season 3 finale)

(broadcast order)

(broadcast order)

"The Consultant" (B‑318) "Bombed" (B‑320)

(production order)

(production order)

Season 3 episodes
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White Gold is the 23rd episode of Season 3 of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, also the 71st overall episode. Written by Larry Gelbart and Simon Munter and directed by Hy Averback, it originally aired on March 11, 1975.


Colonel Flagg blows into camp trying to obtain penicillin to barter for information. But Flagg comes down with appendicitis, and the only penicillin he gets is in the keister.

Plot summaryEdit

The Army's supplies of penicillin are low, and thefts are high. For its medicinal value in treating infections, and because it gets top dollar on the black market, the drug has earned the nickname "white gold." A trio of soldiers dressed in spy gear is caught breaking into the 4077th's emergency ration. One is captured, who refuses to talk, and offers only a dog tag with the name of Perkins as identification. Radar O'Reilly traces the tag and learns it belonged to another soldier killed in action.

Lieutenant Colonel Flagg learns of the break-in and comes to the camp to investigate. Left alone to question the soldier, Flagg tells him "Get out!" and leaves the door open for him to escape. Injuring himself and trashing the tent, Flagg insists there was a struggle and promises to connect the incident to his latest case, studying penicillin turning up on the black market. (Flagg knows this to be happening — because he's been supplying the drug to informants.)

Recaptured, the soldier (whose name is disclosed as Johnson) explains to the M*A*S*Hers who he really is: an Army medic with the 415th Infantry Regiment, who has been stealing small amounts of the drug to immediately treat soldiers on the front lines. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake (the hospital administrator) offers to share any surplus penicillin the camp has in the future — on the condition that Perkins and his buddies ask them for it.

Research notes/ Fun factsEdit

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit

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