"The Still" refers to a customized miniature distillery operating in The Swamp, created by Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John McIntyre. The system produced a low-quality homemade gin, with a supposedly despicable taste (described as something between lighter fluid and insect repellent).

The doctors created this system in the early days of 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital as a way to reduce the stress and tension of serving in a front-line combat unit. Major Frank Burns detested the still, as a violation of military protocol (since it was made from leftover army parts) and a symptom of his bunkmates' "chronic alcoholism." However, on a rare event Burns would accept a glass of gin from it. Later, Major Charles Emerson Winchester III tolerated the Still without much complaint; taking several homemade martinis (although as with many things at 4077th, Winchester felt its quality was "beneath him").

Newly-appointed commanding officer Sherman T. Potter was introduced to the Still after his first night in O.R., and instructed Hawkeye how to change the filters for a better-quality yield. Potter explained that he had operated a similar Still during World War 2- and when the device exploded, Potter earned a Purple Heart for his wounds!

The Still was destroyed on at least 1 occasion- in Period of Adjustment (TV series episode) when B.J. Hunnicutt became severely depressed about missing his daughters' childhood. New parts were acquired by replacement company clerk Klinger and the Still was soon operating under normal capacity.

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