M*A*S*H episode
“The Sniper”
The sniper
A wounded corpsman (Dennis Troy) arrives at the besieged 4077th MASH with an ambulance load of casualties
Season 2, Episode # 10
Number (#34) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Marcia Gelman
Teri Garr
Dennis Troy
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: K410
Writer(s) Richard M. Powell
Director Jackie Cooper
Original airdate November 17, 1973
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"Dear Dad ... Three" (K409) "Carry On, Hawkeye" (K411)

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(broadcast order)

"Dear Dad ... Three" (K409) "Carry On, Hawkeye" (K411)

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(production order)

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The Sniper was the tenth episode of Season 2 of the TV series M*A*S*H, also the 34th overall episode of the series. Written by Richard M. Powell and direceted by Jackie Cooper, It originally aired on CBS-TV on November 17, 1973.


The 4077th deals with more than the usual mayhem when a sniper opens fire on the camp.

Full episode summaryEdit

Hawkeye takes a new nurse, Lieutenant Suzanne Marquette, out for a picnic in the woods on the outskirts of the camp. Meanwhile Margaret is nearby with Frank who is doing some pistol practice. A shot rings out which shatters Hawkeye's wine bottle. At first, Hawkeye blames Frank but Frank protests that he hadn't fired yet. A few more shots prove that there is a sniper around and sends the four of them scurrying back to the camp.

Meanwhile the rest of the MASH personnel in the camp compound have also been shot at and rush to seek refuge in the hospital building, except for Henry and Radar, who are trapped in the shower tent.

Inside the hospital building, there is frantic activity as the MASH personnel attempt to shore up their defenses. Frank attempts to take charge but no one listens to him. Trapper calls HQ for help but there is a push on and the earliest help can be sent is noon the next day. Fortunately, an ambulance enters the camp compound and Henry and Radar are able to take advantage of the cover it offers and dash to the hospital building to rejoin the others.

The ambulance driver tells Henry that there are six casualties in the ambulance, some of them severely wounded. The MASH personnel assess their options. Hawkeye argues that they should surrender. Margaret and Frank are aghast but Hawkeye reasons that this is the only way they can reach the wounded in the ambulance and treat them. In any case, there is a push on and they are expecting more casualties to arrive soon. If they surrender, there is a chance that they will be allowed to carry on treating wounded. Henry reluctantly agrees.

Henry and Trapper step out with a white flag but the sniper ignores the offer and shoots at them. Nonetheless, they have distracted the sniper long enough to allow the corpsmen to unload the casualties from the ambulance.

As night falls, most of the MASH personnel are huddled in post-op under torch-light because the sniper has shot up the generator. Margaret goads Frank into going out to hunt down the sniper because that is what a real man would do. Later, Hawkeye wakes Margaret up looking for Frank and they both realize that Frank must have gone out just as Margaret wanted him to.

Hawkeye sneaks out into the compound to search for Frank and finds him cowering under some boxes. He tells Hawkeye he doesn't want to throw his life away after having made it as a doctor--he had taken twice as long and flunked out of two med schools along the way. Hawkeye turns to leave him but he asks Hawkeye not to tell Margaret about what he saw and heard. They hear a sound in the mess tent and go to investigate but this turns out to be Radar looking for some food.

The next day HQ finally sends a chopper with a sub-machine gunner who shoots and wounds the sniper. The sniper now shows a white flag and Hawkeye goes out to treat him. It turns out that the sniper is just a stranded teenage North Korean soldier who thought he was shooting at General MacArthur's headquarters.

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit

Memorable quotesEdit

(Frank and Hawkeye argue in the Swamp)

  • Frank: I happen to think that man is more than just an animal whose every thought is motivated by sex.
  • Hawkeye: Well, there goes Hot Lips's evening.

(The MASH personnel debate the merits of surrendering)

  • Frank: Surrender? Surrender and be overrun by those yellow hordes?

  • Trapper: Overrun by a horde of one?

  • Margaret: There may be a squad of them out there!

  • Frank: And the minute you surrender, they infiltrate and crawl into your perimeter.
  • Hawkeye: Frank, there are ladies here.

(Radar has just rejoined the others in the hospital building)

  • Radar: We've been pinned down in the shower.

  • Hawkeye: That's the cleanest you've been since it rained.

(Lt. Suzanne Marquette is huddling with Hawkeye in Post-Op at night)

  • Suzanne: This is eerie.

  • Hawkeye: Sit a little closer, it helps chase away the eeries.

  • Suzanne: Why do I feel safe here with you?

  • Hawkeye: Search me, I don't.

(Hawkeye has just discovered Radar in the mess tent. Frank has almost shot him)

  • Radar: I had to get something to eat!
  • Hawkeye: You'd risk your life for a...a ketchup on rye?
  • Radar: With butter and lettuce!


  • Despite Hawkeye growing up in a rural section of a state where hunting and guns are common; he demenstrates a complite ignorance of guns in that it would have been impossible for even a idiot like Frank Burns to have shot a pistol anywhere near HAwkeye and his date were!
  • Another unreal part of this epsiode is the sniper- who besidies being 20 miles behind the front lines-somehow recovers after being shot with nearly have a magazine of about fifteen .45 calibur bullets at point blank range!

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