The Swamp is the tent which serves as the quarters for the senior surgical staff of the 4077th M*A*S*H.

Residents of the SwampEdit

At the beginning of the TV series the Swamp held four doctors: Hawkeye, Trapper, "Spearchucker" Jones and Frank Burns. After the departure of Jones, the number of residents dropped to three and remained so until the end of the series. B.J. moved in after the departure of Trapper and Winchester after the departure of Burns.

The Swamp was also the temporary bunk for Captain Roy DuPree during a personnel exchange between the 4077th and 8063rd MASH when he was swapped for Hawkeye for a week. in "The Korean Surgeon", the North Korean P.O.W. Dr. Syn Paik was also accommodated there when Hawkeye and B.J. attempted to pass him off as an American surgeon. Other doctors and dentists who served at the 4077th such as Spalding, Kaplan and Bernie Futterman did not appear to bunk at the Swamp so there must have been other quarters for doctors.

Features of the SwampEdit

The Swamp had cots for the residents and footlockers for their personal possessions. Other important features of the Swamp include The Still (a custom martini dispensor), a desk, a dartboard at the door, a stove in the center for heat and an airline seat next to Hawkeye's cot.

The Swamp in M*A*S*H episodesEdit

The Swamp was the focus of many of the camp's social activites such the weekly poker sessions as seen in "Deal Me Out" and "Der Tag". It was also the venue for dates such as in "Edwina", "Some 38th Parallels" and "Inga". In "The Late Captain Pierce", a "wake" was held in the Swamp when Hawkeye was declared dead due to an administrative error. Hawkeye was confined to the Swamp in "House Arrest" after he was accused of striking Frank Burns. He did not want to miss movie night so the screening was moved to the Swamp for him.

The Swamp was also frequently used for make-shift Post Op ward whenever the influx of casualties exceeded the space available in the hospital like during "Your Hit Parade". It also housed some of the orphans evacuated to the MASH in "The Kids".

The Swamp as a M*A*S*H IconEdit

So iconic is the Swamp that when the Smithsonian's American History Museum held an exhibition devoted to the TV Series entitled "M*A*S*H: Binding Up the Wounds from July 30, 1983 to February 3, 1985, a complete replica of the Swamp set was built as an exhibit.[4][5]

Several M*A*S*H fans have also built replicas of the Swamp for themselves, either as scale models or in life-size. Revell has issued a plastic model kit of a Swamp scene, which includes the tent (exterior only), a jeep and figures of Radar, Hawkeye and Margaret.

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