M*A*S*H episode
“Strange Bedfellows”
MASH episode - Strange Bedfellows - Potter and son-in-law Bob Wilson
Potter converses with his son-in-law, Robert "Bob" Wilson (Dennis Dugan), a traveling salesman, and finds out the has had an affair in the episode "Strange Bedfellows" in Season 11.
Season 11, Episode # 11
Number (#251) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Dennis Dugan
Kellye Nakahara
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: 9B07
Writer(s) Karen Hall
Director Mike Farrell
Original airdate January 10, 1983
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Strange Bedfellows was the 251st episode of the M*A*S*H television series, and the 11th of Season 11. Written by Karen Hall and directed by Mike Farrell, the episode aired on January 10, 1983.


Col. Potter discovers that his son-in-law has had an affair. Meanwhile, Charles' snoring is keeping his tent-mates from getting a good night's sleep.

Full episode summaryEdit

Col. Potter is excited over the upcoming visit of his son-in-law Bobby, who is on a working tour for the novelty company he works for.

While Hawkeye and B.J. deal with Winchester's allergy-induced bout of snoring, Potter is thrilled with Bobby (Dennis Dugan) arrives on schedule. They talk about how, initially, they didn't get along, but now they're fast friends. Bobby even calls Potter "Pop."

Bobby complains of being tired, and they meet up again in the O Club. But only after a few drinks, Bobby again talks of being tired, and heads off to bed.

Back in his office, Col. Potter takes a call from a hotel in Tokyo, looking for a Mr. Bob Wilson. When Potter says he's in the camp, the hotel mentions that Mrs. Wilson left her nightgown in the hotel room. Potter, stunned, hangs up the phone.

The next day, Potter is curt and stiff around Bob, who tries to make small talk, particularly about himself and Evie buying their son a horse. He senses something is wrong, but Potter won't let on. Later, Potter goes to visit Father Mulcahy, and vents, telling him he plans to call his daughter back home and tell him what's happened.

Father Mulcahy tries to counsel patience, advising Col. Potter that he talk to Bob first, before he does something rash that might end their marriage. Potter is shocked, and flashes some anger at Mulcahy, thinking he's been too lenient on his son-in-law. Furious, he storms out.

Later that night, Col. Potter calls his daughter, prepared to tell her the truth. But something stops him from doing so, and he only mentions the discussion about buying a horse, and pretends the call was just to say hello,.

The next morning, Bob prepares to leave, with things still awkward between him and Col. Potter. But before he goes, Potter reveals he knows the truth, but in a surprising way--he tells him about one time when he "slipped up" and was unfaithful to Mildred, admitting that for a week afterward, he felt so bad he couldn't look her in the eye, and could never live with that kind of guilt again.

Bob comes clean, at first offering excuses, but then admitting that he knew what he was doing, even though he knew it was wrong, and he's been reeling with guilt since. He promises it'll never happen again, and says that he truly loves his wife and son, and would never want to do anything to hurt them.

Col. Potter accepts this, although he admits he was very close to tearing Bob limb from limb. But he ultimately decided it wasn't worth it to destroy three lives over one's mistake, and he hopes that Bob will always be a part of his family.

Later at night, Charles finally seems to have a handle on his snoring, but the night is once again disturbed. As it turns out, BJ talks in his sleep.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Dennis Dugan previously appeared in Season Three's "Love and Marriage", where he played Private Danny McShane, a duplicitous serviceman who planned to marry a Korean "working girl", just so that she could be sold to a white slave market prostitution ring.

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