Shall We Dance was the 7th episode of Season 1  of the AfterMASH TV series, also the 7th episode overall. The episode was written by David Isaacs and Ken Levine and directed by Will MacKenzie. The episode originally aired on CBS-TV on October 31, 1983.


Alma Cox's prim and proper instincts go into overdrive. First she wants to ban the book From Here to Eternity which is being circulated around the hospital. Next she objects when a dance school offers its instructresses to lead patients and staff in a dance night. Then to cap it all, her own clerk, Bonnie Hornback is trying to hit on Klinger while Dr. Pfeiffer is trying to hit on Bonnie.

Full episode summaryEdit

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Research notes/Fun factsEdit

Main castEdit

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit

  • Bernadette Birkett as Margie Dixon (as Bernadette Birkette)
  • Patrick Cranshaw as Bob Scannell (as Pat Cranshaw)
  • Brian Lane Green as Dypsinski (as Brian Greene)
  • Pamela Morris as Eloise Marshall

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