Private Charles Lamb is a lamb donated by Colonel Andropoulis of the Greek Army to the 4077th MASH in Season 3 Private Charles Lamb. The colonel had been very grateful for the care given to his soldiers by the hospital and had arranged for a large shipment of Greek delicacies including grape leaves, moussaka and ouzo for a grand party in the mess tent to celebrate the Greek easter and had invited the entire MASH personnel.

The main course of the feast was to have been barbecued lamb. Radar is aghast when the lamb arrives and Hawkeye tells him the cook is going to slaughter and cook the lamb."Aren't you going to stop him?" he asks Hawkeye and Trapper. "Not until the skin is roasted a crispy brown and there's a suggestion of pink inside."

But Radar isn't going to stand for it, he sneaks into the lab to prepare some sedatives for the lamb, then he tricks Henry into signing discharge papers for one "Private Charles Lamb" and has the lamb shipped stateside to his family. Henry is about to get into trouble for the absence of the lamb at the party but then they come up with the replacement: spam lamb!


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