Patrick Adiarte MASH

Patrick Adiarte as Ho-Jon in the M*A*S*H TV series

Patrick Adiarte (born August 2, 1943 in Manila, Philippines) played the camp houseboy Ho-Jon in the first season of the TV series a M*A*S*H. Patrick, a noted theater, film and television actor and dancer, known for his portrayal of foreign or Asian characters in various roles in film and television. His roles have included Prince Chulalongkorn in the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical The King And I, Wang San in the film version of Flower Drum Song, college student T.J. Padmanagham in High Time, and Ho-Jon in seven episodes of the CBS television series M*A*S*H. He was one of the regular dancers on the television series Hullabaloo.

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