Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson
Actor Neil Thompson appeared in two episodes of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, in Seasons 7 and 8.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Born: (1948-04-03) April 3, 1948 (age 69)
Birthplace Ames, Iowa, U.S.
Years active: 1972-1994
Spouse(s): Barbara Brownell, 1985-present
Character information
Appeared on/in: M*A*S*H in guest appearances
Episodes appeared in: 2 in Seasons 6 and 7
Character played: Private Johnson/Corporal Basgall

Neil Thompson (born April 3, 1948) appeared in two episodes of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, first in Season 6 "Tea and Empathy" as Private Johnson and then in Season 7 "Rally 'Round the Flagg, Boys" as Corporal Basgall.

Neil Thompson is an actor known for his appearances in such films as Mad Max (1979), The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) and Modern Problems (1981). Neil has made numerous guest appearances on many TV series, such as Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, McCloud, as well as the 1988 Nade-for-TV movie Lifeline to Victory. Since 1985, Neil has been married to actress Barbara Brownell, who also guest starred in two M*A*S*H episodes as Lieutenant Jones. They and their family all reside in Los Angeles.

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