Making M*A*S*H

Originally aired

January 21, 1981


PBS (United States)

Hosted by:

Mary Tyler Moore

Interviews with/
footage featuring:

Alan Alda
Wayne Rogers
Loretta Swit
Gary Burghoff
Mike Farrell
Jamie Farr
David Ogden Stiers
Larry Gelbart
Gene Reynolds
Larry Linville
Burt Metcalfe
Kellye Nakahara

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Making M*A*S*H was a PBS documentary which was first broadcast on January 21, 1981. Narrated by Mary Tyler Moore, the 90 minute show was produced alongside the shooting of two Season 8 episodes "Old Soldiers" and "Lend a Hand". Unfortunately this important contribution to the M*A*S*H genre was not released on video or included with any subsequent DVD compilation and hence it is extremely difficult to find today.

About Making M*A*S*HEdit

Thought by some reviewers to be the best documentary about M*A*S*H ever made, Making M*A*S*H tells the story of how a typical M*A*S*H episode, from when the idea for an episode is first conceived, writing, production and editing, including interviews with actors, producers and crew.

Also covered is the inside story of some important production issues of the series, such as the disagreement the producers had with the network over the inclusion of the controversial laugh track and how the public reactions over the killing off of Henry Blake was handled.

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