Major Goss
Major Goss-peace on us
Major Goss in "Peace on Us" (Season 7)
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: Major (O-4), U.S. Army
Job/Role in Unit: Officer sent by General Tomlin to give Hawkeye a warning after he gatecrashes the peace talks at Panmunjom
Home: Not mentioned
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Family/Personal Information
Born: Not mentioned
Birthplace: Not mentioned
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Spouse(s): Not mentioned
Relatives/Children: Not Mentioned
First appeared in: "Peace on Us" (Season 7)
Last appeared in: N.A. Single appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Kevin Hagen

Major Goss was a U.S. army officer who makes a one time appearance on the the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H during the Season 7 episode "Peace on Us". Major Goss was played by actor Kevin Hagen who also played Colonel Coner in Season 4 "Some 38th Parallels".

About Major GossEdit

After Hawkeye gatecrashes the Peace Talks between North Korean and the United Nations at Panmunjom, General Tomlin, the U.S. chief negotiator there sends Major Goss after Hawkeye.

Arriving at the 4077th, Goss finds the camp holding a "Red" party where everyone has dyed their hair and clothing red (Hawkeye had earlier complained that everything about the war seemed to be green). Everyone attempts to intercede for Hawkeye but Goss reassures them that he is not going to arrest Hawkeye. Rather, he has two messages from General Tomlin for him, one official and one unofficial.

Tomlin's official message is that if Hawkeye is ever caught near Panmunjom again, he would be arrested and the key thrown away. Unofficially, the General wishes he were a crazy doctor like Hawkeye so he could get away with what he did. Tomlin also requested a diet for his gastric problems because the peace talks were killing him.

Having delivered the message, Goss prepares to leave but everyone invites him to join in at the party. "Well, I don't know. Do you think I fit in?" he says as he removes his helmet to reveal a full head of red hair!

Major Goss 2-peace on us

"Do you think I fit in?" Goss revealing his red hair--the entrance ticket to the "Red" party. In reality, Kevin Hagen was blonde. He had dyed his hair for the episode.