M*A*S*H* Season 7
"M*A*S*H* - Season Seven"
MASH Season 7 DVD cover
DVD Cover for Season 7 of M*A*S*H.
Season: Season 7
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: November 18, 1978
Final episode: March 12, 1979
Number of episodes 26
Created by: Larry Gelbart
Executive producer(s): Burt Metcalfe (executive producer)
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 The first episode of Season 7 of M*A*S*H, "Commander Pierce", aired November 18, 1978; the final episode, "The Party", aired March 12, 1979. Colonel Sam Flagg appears for the final time in  ""Rally 'Round the Flagg, Boys"; Maj. Major Sidney Freedman appears twice, in "Our Finest Hour", which also featured for the second time, former Korean War newsreel correspondent/journalist Clete Roberts, and "The Billfold Syndrome".

Major eventsEdit

Margaret divorces Donald Penobscott.

BJ grows a mustache, which he will keep for the remainder of the series.

Season 7: 1978-1979 Edit

  • Note: The episodes were not all broadcast in the same order as they were produced. The broadcast order is also the order of episodes in the DVD set. However, syndicated reruns and paid streaming services such as Netflix sometimes follow the production order (e.g.T-401, T-402, T-403....)
  • In Season 7 the episodes are fairly self-contained and there are no serious discontinuities watching the episodes in either order. "Hot weather episodes" like "None Like It Hot" and "Cold weather episodes" like "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and "They Call the Wind Korea" occur very close to one another, but the logic doesn't improve by watching them in production order.
  • There is a break in broadcast on Christmas Day, 12/25/1978. A repeat of Lil was broadcast.
  • The table below can be sorted to display the episodes in Broadcast or Production Order.
Ep.# Date aired Episode title Production No. Summary
1 September 18, 1978 Commander Pierce T-404 When Pierce is temporarily put in charge of the 4077th, the weight of the responsibility takes its toll. He changes, becoming up-tight and authoritarian.
2 September 25, 1978 Peace on Us T-401 When the Army increases the number of points needed for a discharge, Hawkeye gets angry and interrupts official peace talks. Meanwhile, Margaret decides to divorce Donald after he permanently transfers himself stateside.
3 October 2, 1978 Lil T-406 Radar gets bent out of shape when he thinks Colonel Potter is spending too much time with a visiting female colonel, and Hawkeye tries to figure out what BJ's initials stand for.
4/5 October 9, 1978 Our Finest Hour T-408, T-409 An hour-long series retrospective. A war correspondent, Clete Roberts, interviews the staff. Mixed in are scenes from past shows.
6 October 16, 1978 The Billfold Syndrome T-405 Major Winchester decides to quit talking to everyone at the camp, which Hawkeye and B.J. take as a challenge. Meanwhile, a medic gets amnesia
7 October 23, 1978 None Like It Hot T-410 A bath tub Hawkeye and B.J. purchase during a heat wave instantly becomes the ultimate hot spot.
8 October 30, 1978 They Call the Wind Korea T-407 During a wind storm, and while lost on the way to Seoul, Winchester and Klinger come across an overturned Greek transport with several injured men.
9 November 6, 1978 Major Ego T-412 Major Winchester lets his surgical prowess go to his head when a "Stars and Stripes" journalist comes to interview him. But the journalist is more interested in making moves on Margaret than getting the story.
10 November 13, 1978 Baby, It’s Cold Outside T-403 The 4077th is forced to use extreme measures to save a group of soldiers suffering from hypothermia, while Klinger suffers temporary deafness after a mine explosion on his watch.
11 November 20, 1978 Point of View T-415 You see a wounded soldier being treated at the 4077th through his eyes.
12 November 27, 1978 Dear Comrade T-413 A North Korean Spy infiltrates the 4077 and poses as Charles' Houseboy, in order to observe and report on 4077th's efficiency and success to his superiors.
13 December 4, 1978 Out of Gas T-411 When the camp copes with a critical shortage of sodium pentathol, a vital anesthetic, Father Mulcahy must use his black market contacts to get some.
14 December 11, 1978 An Eye for a Tooth T-414 Winchester encourages Hawkeye, B.J. and Margaret to raise the stakes in their practical joke battle, and Father Mulcahy is desperate to receive a promotion.
15 December 18, 1978 Dear Sis T-417 It's Christmas time in Korea, and everybody's depressed--especially Father Mulcahy, who is concerned that he isn't making a difference to anyone.
16 January 1, 1979 B.J. Papa San T-402 B.J. helps out a local Korean family. Meanwhile, a general has a series of mishaps in camp.
17 January 8, 1979 Inga T-420 Hawkeye falls for a visiting Swedish doctor, but is disconcerted by her take-charge ways. As a result, he is forced to confront his chauvinistic views toward powerful women.
18 January 15, 1979 The Price T-418 Klinger tries to bribe Colonel Potter, but Potter is more concerned with the disappearance of his horse, Sophie. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and B.J. try to hide a man who is about to be drafted into the Korean army.
19 January 22, 1979 The Young and the Restless T-421 The arrival of fresh-faced lecturer Capt. Simmons and his subsequent performance in ER turns Winchester into a drunk, Potter into an invalid, and BJ into a bookworm.
20 January 29, 1979 Hot Lips is Back in Town T-419 Margaret celebrates her newly obtained divorce by creating a new way to handle triage and invites a general to observe. Radar is enamored of a new nurse and tries everything he knows to get her attention.
21 February 5, 1979 C*A*V*E T-423 A hurried relocation to a cave is complicated by Hawkeye revealing he has claustrophobia.
22 February 14, 1979 Rally ‘Round the Flagg, Boys T-425 Col. Flagg attempts to recruit Winchester to spy on Hawkeye whom he suspects is a spy himself.
23 February 19, 1979 Preventative Medicine T-416 Hawkeye Pierce performs a shocking and sinister stunt to keep a war-obsessed colonel from sending more young victims to a possible early grave.
24 February 26, 1979 "A Night at Rosie’s T-426 In an act of protest, Hawkeye goes to Rosie's Bar and decrees he is not leaving. One by one he is joined by fellow surgeons and staff, including an annoyed Colonel Potter.
25 March 5, 1979 "Ain't Love Grand" T-422 While B.J. and Hawkeye snipe at each other, Klinger romances a nurse and Winchester romances a Korean working girl.
26 March 12, 1979 "The Party" T-424 Even while the camp is bugging out (and back), B.J. promotes the idea of a stateside "reunion" for the families of those at the 4077th.

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