M*A*S*H* Season 6
"M*A*S*H* - Season Six"
MASH Season 6 DVD cover
DVD Cover for Season 6 of M*A*S*H.
Season: Season 6
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: September 20, 1977
Final episode: March 27, 1978
Number of episodes 25
Created by: Larry Gelbart
Executive producer(s): Gene Reynolds (executive producer)
Burt Metcalfe (associate/executive producer)
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The first episode of Season 6 of M*A*S*H, Fade Out, Fade In, Part 1 aired on CBS-TV on September 20, 1977; it introduced a new surgeon, the surgically talented, but arrogant, snobbish, classical music loving Boston blueblood Major Charles Emerson Winchester III. The season's final episode, Major Topper, aired on March 27, 1978.

Burt Metcalfe, who had been with the series since Season 1 as a line producer until he assumed the new role as associate producer under Gene Reynolds after the departure of series creator and co-executive producer Larry Gelbart before the start of Season 5, now assumed the role of executive producer when Reynolds left to devote a full-time effort to his role as producer the CBS-TV news/drama series Lou Grant in mid-season. Metcalf would serve as the executive producer for the remainder of the series' run.

Major eventsEdit

Season 6: 1977-1978 Edit

List of EpisodesEdit

  • Note: The episodes were not all broadcast in the same order as they were produced. The broadcast order is also the order of episodes in the DVD set. However, syndicated reruns and paid streaming services such as Netflix sometimes follow the production order (e.g.Y-101, Y-102, Y-103....)
  • Watching the episodes in Broadcast Order creates only one minor discontinuity. In Comrades in Arms, Part 2, Margaret says they are using a special clamp developed at the 4077th for the operation. The story of how that clamp is developed is only told 3 episodes later in Patient 4077. This latter episode was actually produced earlier.
  • The table below can be sorted to display the episodes in Broadcast or Production Order.
Ep.# Date aired Episode title Production No. Summary
1 September 20, 1977 Fade Out, Fade In, Part 1 Y-101 Frank Burns goes crazy in Tokyo where Margaret Houlihan is on a honeymoon with her new husband Lt. Colonel Donald Penobscott, leaving the 4077th short of a surgeon, so  Major Charles Emerson Winchester III from Tokyo General is sent to help.
2 September 20, 1977 Fade Out, Fade In, Part 2 Y-102 Frank is arrested in Tokyo for drunkenly acosting a General's wife (mistaking her for Margaret) and crying on her shoulder while she and her husband were in a bath house, but not only are the charges against him dropped, he is transferred to a veteran's hospital in Indiana, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Meanwhile Major Winchester is now permanently assigned to the 4077th, much to his dismay.
3 September 27, 1977 Fallen Idol Y-104 Radar O'Reilly wants to be a hot lover, so Hawkeye Pierce sends him to Tokyo to find a nice girl and let nature takes it's course. When Radar is later wounded, Hawkeye is consumed with guilt. 
4 October 4, 1977 Last Laugh Y-103 B.J. Hunnicutt's old pal, Leo Bardonaro (who is a practical joker) pays him a visit at the 4077th to say goodbye as he is being discharged back to the states; B.J. later finds himself being arrested for disturbing the peace in Seoul the night before.
5 October 11, 1977 War of Nerves Y-106 Sidney Freedman arrives at the 4077th as a casualty, along with him is angry wounded soldier who he had authorized to return to the front and who is feeling bitter him for doing so. Meanwhile, in order to boost camp morale, which is at an extreme low after a long stretch of casualties, Potter authorizes a camp "bonfire", the burning of unneeded materials.
6 October 18, 1977 The Winchester Tapes Y-107 Charles tells the story of the 4077th through his eyes in a tape to his parents back home, urging them to pull strings to get him out of Korea.
7 November 1, 1977 The Light That Failed Y-108 While the camp is short on light bulbs, B.J. receives a mystery novel, The Rooster Crowed at Midnight in the mail, only to discover that the last page of the novel is missing, and the camp is unable to find out who committed the murders in the book.
8 November 8, 1977 In Love and War Y-112 Hawkeye has to take care of the mother of an aristocratic south Korean woman, who he later falls in love with.
9 November 15, 1977 Change Day Y-113 Scrip exchange is being made (red for blue) when Hawkeye discovers that $400 that than has been intrusted to him by a wounded MP has been stolen, meanwhile Charles tries to make a deal with the locals so he can exchange more blue from red military scrip.
10 November 22, 1977 Images Y-105 After seeing a corporal in the O.R. covered in tattoos, Radar decides he wants to get a tattoo as well, but can't decide on what kind of tattoo to get; meanwhile Margaret secretly cares for a stray puppy.
11 November 22, 1977 The M*A*S*H Olympics Y-111 Feeling that the entire camp is lazy and out of shape, Colonel Potter holds the first annual M*A*S*H Olympics: Hawkeye and B.J. are named team captains, and each team will compete against each other for the prize of three days R&R.
12 November 29, 1977 The Grim Reaper Y-110

Hawkeye is facing military charges for pushing a colonel, aptly named Colonel Bloodworth, who seems to actually enjoy predicting casualties but then the colonel ends up as one of the casualties himself.

13 December 6, 1977 Comrades in Arms, Part 1 Y-116 Hawkeye and Margaret are sent to the 8063rd to demonstrate new surgical techniques, but they soon discover the 8063rd had to bug-out suddenly. Their jeep breaks down and is later stolen by a band of North Koreans. Hawkeye and Margaret then seek shelter in a bombed-out hut.
14 December 13, 1977 Comrades in Arms, Part 2 Y-117 Hawkeye comforts Margaret in the abandoned hut during a night of non-stop shelling. But the next day Margaret is taking what happened a little too seriously for Hawkeye's liking.
15 December 20, 1977 The Merchant of Korea Y-118 B.J. borrows $200 from Charles so he can send Peg Hunnicutt a down-payment for some property in Mill Valley, and soon finds himself having to return SEVERAL favors to Charles.
16 January 3, 1978 The Smell of Music Y-115 Hawkeye and B.J. cannot stand Charles's french-horn playing, so until he gives it up, they give up bathing.
17 January 10, 1978 Patent 4077 Y-114 The surgeons of the 4077th need a special kind of instrument to perform a difficult operation on a casualty, and try to produce a new vascular clamp; meanwhile Corporal Klinger works hard to find Margaret's missing wedding ring after he accidentally throws it away.
18 January 17, 1978 Tea and Empathy Y-109 In one sub-plot, B.J. has to deal with a junky who's hooked on morphine; in another the 4077th is low on penicillin and Klinger and Father Mulcahy go out hunting for some that has been stolen from them; in another sub-plot, Hawkeye deals with tough British Major Major Derrick Ross who seems to want to march his troops right out of post-op.
19 January 24, 1978 Your Hit Parade Y-124 The 4077th are over-run with casualties, so to help ease the tension, Radar runs his own "radio station" from his office.
20 January 30, 1978 What's Up Doc? Y-119 Margaret suspects she's pregnant, but in order to be sure, a pregnancy test must be performed. The only trouble is, the test needs to use the ovaries of Radar's female rabbit Fluffy; meanwhile a disgruntled patient holds Charles hostage until they agree to send him back to Ohio.
21 February 6, 1978 Mail Call Three Y-121 After three weeks, a load of mail arrives for the staff members: Radar discovers his mother now has a new boy friend, Colonel Potter receives new snaps shots of his grand-son Cory Potter, Klinger learns his wife fell in love with another man and wants a divorce, B.J. finds out a neighbor has been hitting on Peggy, and Hawkeye has been receiving love-letters meant for a different Benjamin Pierce.
22 February 13, 1978 Temporary Duty Y-125 While Hawkeye and Nurse Bigelow are temporarily assigned to the 8063rd, the 4077th have to deal with loud happy-go-lucky cowboy Captain Roy DuPree and a smart, but very open old girlfriend of Margaret's, Captain Lorraine Anderson.
23 February 20, 1978 Potter's Retirement Y-120 Outraged at hearing complaints coming from inside the camp about his abilities as a commanding officer, Colonel Potter decides to put in for retirement.
24 February 27, 1978 Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde Y-122 Radar puts his mouse, Daisy up against the Marine's Sluggo in a mouse-race; meanwhile Charles slowly becomes addicted to pep-pills.
25 March 27, 1978 Major Topper Y-123 Klinger breaks in a new guard, Corporal 'Boots' Miller, who turns out to be a bigger nut than Klinger. Meanwhile Colonel Potter and the rest of the staff try to figure out how to deal with the excessive pain the casualties are experiencing in post-op.