M*A*S*H* Season 2
"M*A*S*H* - Season Two"
DVD cover for M*A*S*H Season 2.
Season: Season 2
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: September 15, 1973
Final episode: March 2, 1974
Number of episodes 24
Created by: Larry Gelbart
Executive producer(s): Larry Gelbart & Gene Reynolds
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The first episode of Season 2 of M*A*S*H, Divided We Stand aired on CBS-TV on September 15, 1973; the final episode, A Smattering of Intelligence aired on March 2, 1974. Col. Flagg appears twice; Major Sidney Freedman also appears twice.

Major events of Season 2Edit

Col. Flagg appearancesEdit

  • Deal Me Out - A Captain Halloran comes to tbe camp after a C.I.D. officer Lieutenant Rogers is brought to the MASH wounded, summoned by Frank Burns because, as he says, a C.I.D. operative cannot be anesthetized without another C.I.D. man being present. Captain Halloran was probably Sam Flagg under an assumed name.
  • A Smattering of Intelligence - Flagg and a rival intelligence officer arrive at the 4077th; both appear to be trying to gain funding for their separate spy organizations.

Maj. Sidney Freedman appearancesEdit

Season 2: 1973-1974Edit

List of Episodes (in broadcast order)Edit

  • This table is sortable and can present the episodes either in the order they were broadcast (click on the sort buttons in column "Ep.#") or in the order they were produced (click on the sort buttons in the column "Production No.").
  • The episodes were not all broadcast in the same order as they were produced. The broadcast order is also the order of episodes in the DVD set. However, syndicated reruns and paid streaming services such as Netflix sometimes follow the production order (e.g. K-401, K-402, K-403....)
  • In Season 2, there are only two small differences between broadcast and production sequence. K-403 was broadcast before K-402 and K-407 before K-406. There are no continuity issues watching the episodes in either sequence.
Ep.# Date aired Episode title Production No. Summary
1 September 15, 1973 Divided We Stand K-401 A general arrives at camp, considering breaking up the 4077th. Fearful of having his unit split up, Col. Blake orders everyone to be on their best behavior. However, this soon falls through as their mischievous personalities shine through.
2 September 22, 1973 5 O'Clock Charlie K-403 Every day, a North Korean pilot tries (and fails) to bomb the 4077th ammo dump each day with a grenade. Frank Burns decides serious action must be taken, and orders an anti-aircraft gun and tries to shoot the plane out of the sky.
3 September 29, 1973 Radar's Report K-402 Klinger's girlfriend back home wants to marry, Hawkeye flirts with a nurse (Joan Van Ark), and all the goings on are reported to the Army in Radar's weekly report.
4 October 6, 1973 For the Good of the Outfit K-404 Trapper and Hawkeye discover that the US Army accidentally shelled the South Korean village of Tai Dong but are now trying to cover it up.
5 October 13, 1973 Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde K-405 Three days without sleep means Hawkeye starts to act very erratically. After sending President Harry Truman a rude telegram, things come to a head when he attempts to drag the camp latrine to North Korea - with General Clayton still inside.
6 October 20, 1973 Kim K-407 A Korean boy is found lost and wandering near the 4077th. Trapper wants to adopt him and take him home to the States. However, the boy - after wandering into a minefield - is reunited with his mother, much to Trapper's disappointment.
7 October 27, 1973 L.I.P. K-406 An American soldier and a Korean lady wish to marry, which is usually highly impossible due to a bigoted bureaucrat who must approve their marriage. Trapper and Hawkeye help them out, while Hawkeye finds that the nurse he is dating is racist and opposes interracial marriage.
8 November 3, 1973 The Trial of Henry Blake K-408 Col. Blake is court-martialed for allegedly sending medical supplies to North Koreans. Frank Burns (in temporary command) confines Hawkeye and Trapper to quarters, but both manage to escape and present evidence to exonerate Henry. They convince Frank to drop the charges using the only method they know how - blackmail.
9 November 10, 1973 Dear Dad...Three K-409 Hawkeye writes another letter telling his dad about life at the 4077th. Meanwhile, A bigoted sergeant seeking the right-"colored" blood learns a lesson in prejudice from the 4077th.
10 November 17, 1973 The Sniper K-410 A lone sniper, believing he's shooting at General MacArthur's headquarters, has the 4077th under fire. Eventually, a chopper wounds him, ending the siege.
11 November 24, 1973 Carry On, Hawkeye K-411 As a flu epidemic hits camp, Hawkeye finds himself unaffected and able to continue working.
12 December 1, 1973 The Incubator K-412 Hawkeye and Trapper decide they need an incubator to aid their medical work, and fight the army red tape to get one.
13 December 8, 1973 Deal Me Out K-413 An episode that revolves entirely around a poker game. Major Sidney Freedman and Captain Sam Pak arrive at the camp to relax. Sidney also treats a soldier that tries to kill Frank. This episode can also be marked as the first appearance of Edward Winter, who plays Captain Halloran in this episode, but in later episodes plays Colonel Flagg.
14 December 15, 1973 Hot Lips and Empty Arms K-414 Hot Lips Houlihan applies for a transfer. During her going-away party, she becomes very drunk and tells some of her comrades what she really thinks of them deep down.
15 December 22, 1973 Officers Only K-415 After saving the life of a General's son, Hawkeye and the rest of the 4077th are rewarded with their own Officers' Club. This causes some discontent when enlisted men are refused entry.
16 January 5, 1974 Henry in Love K-416 Henry takes some leave in Tokyo and returns head over heels in love with a woman half his age.
17 January 12, 1974 For Want of a Boot K-417 Unable to obtain a replacement boot by any other means, Hawkeye devises a complex plan to get a new one, by filling the requests of various people around camp. Eventually, the deal falls through, much to Hawkeye's chagrin.
18 January 19, 1974 Operation Noselift K-418 A soldier comes through the 4077th with a huge morale problem due to his very large nose and wants a nose job. Though it's in defiance of army regulations, one of Hawkeye's old mates, a plastic surgeon, comes in from Tokyo to perform the operation.
19 January 26, 1974 The Chosen People K-419 A Korean family sets up home in the compound, while a Korean woman shows up with a baby she insists is Radar's. This surprises everyone, not least the man himself.
20 February 2, 1974 As You Were K-420 A lull in the action enables the 4077th to take some time off. Frank reluctantly asks Hawkeye and Trapper to fix his hernia.
21 February 9, 1974 Crisis K-421 Supply lines to the 4077th are cut. Consequently, the personnel must find ways to deal with the shortages.
22 February 16, 1974 George K-422 Frank Burns attempts to slap a dishonorable discharge on a homosexual soldier, while Hawkeye and Trapper try to stop him.
23 February 23, 1974 Mail Call K-423 The arrival of a new batch of mail makes Trapper depressed and he wants to desert, despite Hawkeye's efforts otherwise. Meanwhile, Hawkeye learns he has successfully tricked Frank into buying stocks in the fictitious company, Pioneer Aviation
24 March 2, 1974 A Smattering of Intelligence K-424 Col. Flagg and a rival intelligence agent both show up at the 4077th, each trying to raise funding for their respective spy organizations.

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