M*A*S*H* Season 10
"M*A*S*H* - Season Ten"
MASH Season 10 DVD cover
DVD Cover for Season 9 of M*A*S*H.
Season: Season 10
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: October 16, 1981
Final episode: April 12, 1982
Number of episodes 22
Created by: Larry Gelbart
Executive producer(s): Burt Metcalfe (executive producer)
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The first episode of Season 10 of M*A*S*H"That's Show Biz", aired on CBS-TV on October 26, 1981; the final episode, "That Darn Kid", aired April 12, 1982.

Major eventsEdit

Corporal Max Klinger is promoted to Sergeant ("Promotion Commotion").

Season 10: 1981-1982Edit

  • The episodes were not all broadcast in the same order as they were produced. The broadcast order is also the order of episodes in the DVD set. However, syndicated reruns and paid streaming services such as Netflix sometimes follow the production order.
  • Episodes Z-419, Z-420, Z-423 and Z-424 were produced during Season 9 and held over for broadcast as part of Season 10. After that the production order follows the sequence 1-G01, 1-G02, 1-G03....
  • Episodes 1-G18 and 1-G20 to 1-G24 were produced during Season 10 but were held over and broadcast during Season 11.
  • The table below can be sorted to display the episodes in Broadcast or Production Order.
Ep.# Date aired Episode title Production No. Summary
1 October 26, 1981 That’s Show Biz Z-419, Z-420 A touring USO show brings an unexpected touch of vaudeville to the 4077th when the star showgirl requires an emergency operation
2 November 2, 1981 Identity Crisis Z-423 Father Mulcahy counsels a GI who is plagued by guilt because he has swapped tags with a dead colleague. Meanwhile, B.J. and Charles consider ways of keeping a soldier-salesman quiet.
3 November 9, 1981 Rumor at the Top Z-424 The Army is starting a new MASH unit, and the surgeons and staff of the 4077th fear they will be split up and reassigned. So they act completely unprofessional, uncouth, and incompetent in front of an army rep hoping he will reconsider.
4 November 16, 1981 Give ‘Em Hell, Hawkeye 1-G01 Hawkeye writes a protest letter to President Truman complaining about the war and the senseless tasks they have to do like camp beautification.
5 November 23, 1981 Wheelers and Dealers 1-G02 After being cited for reckless Jeep driving, Colonel Potter voluntarily takes driving lessons from Rizzo and B.J. decides he will make all the money he can to pay the second Mortgage, by gambling.
6 November 30, 1981 Communication Breakdown 1-G03 Stop the presses! Charles has just received a load of newspapers from back home and the camp, being without a newspaper for weeks, are determined to share Charles'. He is reluctant, but agrees--only after he's read them all of course. But when he finds a newspaper missing, he wages war on the camp and they, in turn, wage a war of practical jokes on him.
7 December 7, 1981 Snap Judgment 1-G04 When Hawkeye's snappy new Polaroid camera is stolen, Klinger searches the black market and finds it. Unfortunately en route back to camp, Klinger is stopped by MPs who assume he is the camera thief.
8 December 14, 1981 Snappier Judgment 1-G05 It's the day of Klinger's hearing before a trial of angry officers. Will Klinger be sent up the river? With Charles as his attorney, it's almost certain. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and B.J. set out to catch the real thief.
9 December 28, 1981 ‘Twas the Day After Christmas 1-G06 On the day after Christmas, the 4077th decides to try out an English tradition, Boxing Day, where the officers and enlisted personnel change places for a day.
10 January 4, 1982 Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead 1-G07 While Klinger is sick, he communicates with the ghost of a dead soldier.
11 January 11, 1982 The Birthday Girls 1-G08 While Margaret tries desperately to get to Tokyo for her birthday, the camp helps an injured cow give birth.
12 January 18, 1982 Blood and Guts 1-G09 When a U.N. war correspondent comes to the 4077th, he charms everyone. But when he doesn't report the war, but instead makes it up, making it sound exciting and heroic, Hawkeye is outraged.
13 February 1, 1982 A Holy Mess 1-G10 A special egg breakfast is complicated by a distraught AWOL soldier talking Father Mulcahy into granting him sanctuary in the mess tent during a preceding church service.
14 February 8, 1982 The Tooth Shall Set You Free 1-G11 While Winchester fearfully avoids getting his agonizing toothache treated, the other surgeons discover a racist commander is sending his African-American soldiers disproportionally into dangerous duty.
15 February 15, 1982 Pressure Points 1-G12 Col. Potter fears he's losing his touch badly enough to summon Dr. Sidney Freeman.
16 February 22, 1982 Where There’s a Will, There’s a War 1-G13 Fearing for his life at an aid station, Hawkeye writes his will with special bequests for his friends.
17 March 1, 1982 Promotion Commotion 1-G14 When Winchester, Hawkeye and Hunnicutt are assigned to determine promotion recommendations, they are intensively wooed by the enlisted staff while one bully physically threatens Winchester.
18 March 15, 1982 Heroes 1G15 A famous prizefighter, 'Gentleman Joe' Cavanaugh, comes to visit the 4077th and while there, has a stroke. Everyone is irritated by Pierce, who as his doctor, becomes the spokesman to the press. Father Mulcahy is upset, since Gentleman Joe was his childhood hero.
19 March 22, 1982 Sons and Bowlers 1-G16 Colonel Potter and B.J. head a bowling team that plays in a championship match against the Marines. Meanwhile Hawkeye learns his father is having an operation back home and feels so helpless, so he confides in Charles.
20 April 5, 1982 Picture This 1-G17 Potter is trying to paint a group picture for Mildred but an argument between the three swamp dwellers makes things difficult.
21 April 12, 1982 That Darn Kid 1-G19 A goat eats the monthly payroll which Hawkeye is in charge of. This cause financial trouble for most of the staff.

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