M*A*S*H episode
“Love and Marriage”
MASH episode-3x20 Hawk Trapper greet Kwang with MPs
Hawkeye and Trapper chas run into Kwang, who’s being led away by two M.P.s for desertion. in "Love and Marriage" episode in Season 3.
Season 3, Episode # 20
Number (#68) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Soon-Tek Oh
Johnny Haymer
William Christopher
Jerry Fujikawa
Pat Li
Jeanne Joe
Robert Gruber
Roy Goldman
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: B-321
Writer(s) Arthur Julian
Director Lee Phillips
Original airdate February 18, 1975
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"Bombed" (B‑320) "Aid Station" (B‑322)

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Love and Marriage was the 20th episode of Season 3 of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, also the 68th overall series episode. Written by Arthur Julian and directed by Lee Phillips, it first aired on February 18, 1975. 


Hawkeye and Trapper prevent one GI from marrying a call girl who has TB, while trying to set up another Korean soldier join his pregnant wife (with Radar's help of course).

Full episode summaryEdit

Frank is his usual bungling self in the O.R. He knocks an instrument out of the orderly Mr. Kwang’s (Soon Tek-Oh) hand and then yells at him for being clumsy. Later, in the scrub room, Trapper and Hawkeye stick up for Kwang which makes Frank ask why they don’t compliment American boys like the orderly McShane (Dennis Dugan). Kwang is upset, so the Captains invite him to the Swamp for martinis. Kwang tells them how he was shanghaied into the ROK army, picked up medical skills at the 121st evacuation hospital, and was pleased to be transferred to the 4077th. However, he laments he has not seen his wife since his “drafting”, so Hawkeye and Trapper tell him they’ll arrange a 3-day pass for him.

The Captains are conducting the premarital physicals for the G.I.s and their Korean fiances. As Radar uses his conniving ways to get Henry to sign the 3-day pass, McShane and his “bride” arrive for physicals, but the doctors immediately recognize the woman as a two-war veteran of Rosie’s Bar. Hawkeye and Trapper take McShane aside and advise he delay marriage and wait a couple of months. McShane claims they are in love and want to marry right away, but agrees to a two-week wait.

A poker game in the Swamp with Hawkeye, Trapper, Henry, Radar and Zale soon turns into an officers vs. enlisted discussion, for Radar and Zale think the Captains should butt out and let McShane get married if he wants to. The poker party hear distant angry voices in the compound followed by a gunshot. Frank enters and says Kwang had a “forged” pass, ran off when Frank removed him from a Seoul-bound truck, and he fired a warning shot to make Kwang come back.

Next day, Hawkeye and Trapper are visited by Dr. Pak (Jerry Fujikawa), a local quack who performs phony operations and passes off hair cream as penicillin. Pak announces he is in the marriage brokering business and offers the Captains $250 each if they will OK the physical of Soong Hi, the prostitute betrothed to McShane. After the wedding, Soong Hi will go stateside and “work” for some associates of Pak’s.

Pak promises more money later, for he had to pay McShane $1,000 to get married. Hawkeye and Trapper chase off Pak and run into Kwang, who’s being led away by two M.P.s for desertion. The Captains present Kwang’s case to Henry, showing him the pass he signed. Though Henry does not remember signing it, he will get the desertion charges dropped, but will not allow Kwang a pass. Kwang’s wife is about to have their first child, so Hawkeye, Radar and a driver take a long journey by bus to bring her to the 4077th.

Trapper has a meeting with McShane and tells him he’s aware of the whole scam. After some digging, Trapper gets McShane to admit he is only doing this to make some extra money. A timely x-ray is delivered to Trapper confirming the future Mrs. McShane has tuberculosis, so the wedding deal is off.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kwang goes into labor on the bus and Radar is a hysterical wreck. Hawkeye delivers the baby and they all return safely to camp, although the “specialist”, Radar, has passed out and is carried off the bus on a stretcher. Mr. Kwang names his son after all those who helped him: Radar Benjamin Franklin Trapper John Henry Kwang.

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