Lt. Lyons
Lyons-operation noselift
Lt. Lyons with Trapper in "Operation Noselift" in Season 2 of the M*A*S*H TV series.
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: Lieutenant (0-2), U.S. Army
Job/Role in Unit: Nurse at the 4077th M*A*S*H
Home: ????
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: ????
Height: ????
Weight: ????
Family/Personal Information
Born: ????
Birthplace: ????
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Spouse(s): Single
Relatives/Children: Not mentioned
First appeared in: "Operation Noselift" (Season 2)
Last appeared in: "The Chosen People" (Season 2)
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Bobbie Mitchell

Lieutenant Lyons was a nurse who made appearances in two Season 2 episodes of M*A*S*H. The part of Lt. Lyons was played by Bobbie Mitchell. Lieutenant Lyons was the fourth of many nurse characters to be played by Bobbie Mitchell.

About Lieutenant LyonsEdit

Lieutenant Lyons first appears in Operation Noselift. Hawkeye and Trapper have arranged for plastic surgeon Major Stanley "Stosh" Robbins to visit the 4077th MASH to do a nose job for Private Danny Baker. "Stosh" was reluctant to come but Hawkeye and Trapper had tempted him with mention of a "Barracuda" nurse in the camp. "Stosh" arrives but is constantly distracted by his curiosity about who the "Barracuda" is, so when the time comes for the operation, he is nowhere to be seen. Hawkeye and Trapper search the camp grounds for him. Trapper opens the door to the nurse's shower tent and asks Lyons: "Dr. Robbins in here?" She replies: "I wouldn't be a bit surprised." "Stosh", it seems, has already been getting acquainted with the various nurses in his search for the "Barracuda".

In the next episode, The Chosen People, a Korean woman Choon Hi arrives in the camp claiming that Radar is the father of her baby. Hawkeye and Trapper do blood tests to see if this is true. While waiting for the results, an embarrassed Radar takes mother and child to the mess tent for a meal. Their presence amuses a group of nurses and Lieutenant Lyons comes over and razzes Radar about "taking the family out to lunch."

Later all is cleared up and the blood tests prove that Radar is not the father of Choon Hi's child. Nonetheless, Lyons has been suitably impressed--when she encounters Radar with Hawkeye and Trapper, she asks him playfully who he is going to watch that night's movie with.

Lyons-chosen people

Lyons (center) razzing Radar about his "family" in the mess tent. Next to her is an uncredited nurse who might be Lieutenant Peters