The Korean Service Medal (KSM) is an award of the United States military and was created in November 1950 by executive order of President Harry Truman. The Korean Service Medal is the primary United States medal for participation in the Korean War and is awarded to any U.S. service member, who performed duty in the Republic of Korea, between June 27, 1950 and July 27, 1954.

Service Stars are authorized to be worn on the Korean Service Medal ribbon to denote participation one or more of 13 officially recognised campaigns of the Korean War. Some campaigns apply to all branches of the U.S. military, while others are branch specific. The Korean Service Medal is usually awarded together with the United Nations Service Medal for Korea.

The ribbon of the Korean Service Medal is visible on the Class A uniforms of Lt. Colonel Henry Blake, Colonel Sherman T. Potter and Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan although no service stars are seen.

Henry Blake-Class A

Henry Blake in his Class A uniform. The Korean Service medal ribbon is second row in the middle. To the right (narrow blue and white stripes) is the ribbon of the United Nations Service Medal.

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