John W. Reiger

Personal Information
TV screenwriter
Years active: 1975-present
Series connection
Appeared on/Involved with: M*A*S*H
Episode appearances/
Involved with:
3 in Seasons 3 & 5
Jobs/Role(s): Writer/Story editor

John W. Reiger collaborated with Gary Markowitz in the writing for three M*A*S*H TV series episodes; "George" and "Payday", both in Season 3, and "Some 38th Parallels" in Season 5. John also wrote episodes in the 1970s for the American TV shows Phyllis and the short-lived The Texas Wheelers series. Since then, John has forged a creative partnership with fellow TV writer Kirstie Falkous on British TV, editing and writing scripts for numerous UK TV series, most notably, the hit series Doc Martin.

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