General Coogan
General Coogan as played by Ford Rainey in "Dreams" (Season 8)
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: General officer - grade unknown
Job/Role in Unit: patient at the 4077th MASH
Home: Not Mentioned
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: cannot be seen
Height: unable to estimate
Weight: unable to estimate
Family/Personal Information
Born: ????
Birthplace: ????
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Spouse(s): ????
Relatives/Children: Not mentioned
First appeared in: "Dreams" (Season 8)
Last appeared in: N.A. Single appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Ford Rainey
General Coogan was a US Army general who made a single appearance in the Season 8 episode of M*A*S*H titled "Dreams". The part of Coogan was played by actor Ford Rainey.

About CooganEdit

Coogan is recovering in post-op but can't get any rest because the MASH is overcrowded with wounded and the staff are busy nailing supports on to the beds to make second tier bunks. Coogan tells Potter he is fine except he would appreciate a bit more privacy but Potter tells him it can't be done because Lieutenant Garvey, the transportation officer, refuses to send up any ambulances to evacuate the patients. The lieutenant has signed out the ambulances and he is afraid they might get hit by the shooting in the combat zone, in which case he would have to pay for the damage.

"If I had 30 seconds with that pimple-headed lieutenant I'd boil his bars for him," says the General. Potter says that can be arranged and sends for Klinger to hook up a phone line to the General's bed.

The General calls the lieutenant and asks if he has a good reason for withholding the ambulances. Garvey assures Coogan that he has. "So, why don't you come up here right now in the flesh - and tell me what it the flesh or what's left of it." The thought of coming up into the combat zone himself suitably intimidates Garvey, and the ambulances are dispatched right away.

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