Erin Hunnicutt is the infant daughter of 4077th MASH surgeon Captain B.J. Hunnicutt and Peg Hunnicutt. Frequently mentioned in various episodes, she is seen only once in the Season 9 episode "Oh, How We Danced", in a home movie which Peg had sent to B. J. as a wedding anniversary. The home movie was in black and white and the child actor who played the part is not known. Earlier, in "Period of Adjnustment", B. J. was very upset to hear from Peg that when Erin had called Radar "Daddy" when Peg and Erin had gone to receive the homecoming Radar at the airport.

The character's first name "Erin" is named after Erin Elizabeth Farrell, the actual daughter of Mike Farrell and his first wife Judy Farrell.

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