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MASH episode-2-21-Crisis-Col Blake
Due to supply shortage during extremely inclemently cold weather, Henry, in talking on the horn to Regimental HQ, explains, from a sawed down desk, that he's sitting in a area of "vast nothingness"!
Season 2, Episode # 21
Number (#45) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) William Christopher
Jamie Farr
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: K-421
Writer(s) Laurence Marks & Larry Gelbart
Director Don Weis
Original airdate February 2, 1974
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"As You Were"
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"As You Were" (K420)
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"George" (K422)
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Crisis was the 21st episode of the 2nd season of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H series also the 45th overall episode; it was co-written by Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart. Directed by Don Weis, the episode originally aired on February 9, 1974.


Supply lines to the 4077th are cut. Consequently, the personnel must find ways to deal with the shortages.

Full episode summaryEdit

It’s freezing outside and Regimental HQ has bad news for the 4077th. Henry calls an emergency meeting to announce the supply line has been cut by the enemy and they won’t be getting a long list of vital supplies like firewood, winter clothing, food, blankets…and shuttlecocks.

Each officer is assigned a specific area where they are in charge and enforce strict rules, except Mulcahy who gets stuck with improving morale. As Henry’s desk slowly gets vultured for firewood, Frank, the food officer, helps himself to a ham from the kitchen and shares it with Margaret, but they’re busted by Hawkeye and Trapper, who are doing an electricity reduction sweep.

Housing officer Radar assigns himself, Colonel Blake, Klinger and Father Mulcahy to sleep in the Swamp to conserve firewood. As Klinger does his nightly beauty regiment after being caught trying to bunk with the nurses, Henry warns the others about his Olympic-quality snoring and Mulcahy offers a couple prayers, one of them quite humorous. The cold and cramped quarters are unbearable, but wounded arrive before everyone can hit the sack.

Henry calls HQ about getting some relief, his desk now just a tabletop on the floor. The shortages are started to make a desperate crew: one nurse posts a bulletin prostituting herself for 5 pieces of firewood and people are breaking into the fortune cookies for toilet paper.

That night, the men are moved from the Swamp to Henry’s tent because it’s smaller and easy to heat. Looking like the bowels of an ocean liner, the men are sprawled across the floor while Frank gently sways to and fro in a hammock. Frank is discovered to have battery-powered hunting socks and the Captains attack his feet like wild dogs.

Good news finally arrives during the next O.R. session: trucks with supplies are on their way to the 4077th. When Henry calls HQ about the now-finished crisis, he calls from a completely barren office, save the skeleton and a metal can Blake now uses as a chair.

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