Choon Hi
Choon Hi-the chosen people
Choon Hi with her baby in the Season 2 M*A*S*H episode "The Chosen People".
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: N/A, Civilian local
Job/Role in Unit: woman who claims her child was fathered by one of the MASH personnel
Home: probably a nearby village
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5"4"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Family/Personal Information
Born: ????
Birthplace: South Korea
Nationality/Race: Korean/Asian
Spouse(s): Not Mentioned
Relatives/Children: Su Yong, baby son (uncredited)
First appeared in: "The Chosen People" in Season 2
Last appeared in: N/A, one time appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Clare Nono in guest appearance
 Choon Hi was a character who appeared in the Season 2 episode of M*A*S*H titled "The Chosen People". The part of Choon Hi is played in the episode by actress Clare Nono.

About Choon HiEdit

Choon Hi turns up at the 4077th claiming that her son, Su Yong, was fathered by a doctor from the MASH 4077th, someone who spoke to her "like wind song". At first, Henry thinks it might be Hawkeye or Trapper, but later Choon Hi identifies Radar as the father. At first Radar is aghast but later grows to like the idea and the attention he is getting from everyone when his "notoriety" is known throughout the camp. However a blood test soon proves that Radar cannot be the father. It turns out that the real father was a G.I. who left Choon Hi, and she was ostracized by her family. Radar had given her a lift one day and so she decided name Radar as the father. At the end of the episode Choon Hi was "adopted" by a Korean refugee family which had settled in the camp and they were all taken away in a civil affairs truck to be resettled in the south.

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