M*A*S*H episode
Nurse Barbara Bannerman buying up clothes at the firesale of the Klinger Collection as everyone prepares for the end of the war.
Season 1, Episode # 23
Number (#23) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Odessa Cleveland
Marcia Strassman
Patrick Adiarte
Bonnie Jones
Lynette Mettey
Bruce Kimmel
Herb Voland
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: J-320
Writer(s) Larry Gelbart & Robert Klane
Director Earl Bellamy
Original airdate March 18, 1973
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"Major Fred C. Dobbs" (J‑320) "Showtime" (J‑324)

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"The Army-Navy Game" (J‑322) "Showtime" (J‑324)

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 Ceasefire was episode 23 of the first season of the TV series M*A*S*H, also the 23rd overall episode of the series. Written by Sid Dorfman, and direceted by Don Weis, it originally aired on CBS-TV on March 18, 1973.


Rumours of a ceasefire reach the 4077th. Everyone is jubilant and says their goodbyes, except for Trapper who is skeptical about it. Celebrations are in full swing when news arrives that the rumour is unfounded.

Full episode summaryEdit

Upon the news of a ceasefire, everyone in camp celebrates and says their good-byes, except for Trapper John, who remains skeptical. Everyone prepares for the end of the war in his own way. Klinger mounts a firesale of his Klinger collection which is snapped up enthusiastically by the nurses. Radar collects autographs from all his friends. Margaret and Frank say tearful farewells to each other.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye has to wriggle his way out of commitments to three different nurses, so he tells each of them that he is married. One of the nurses, Barbara, tells him to check his sleeping bag for landmines. Another, Margie Cutler, hits him on the head with a bedpan.

The camp gathers enthusiastically in the mess tent for a ceasefire party. Hawkeye launches the festivities by announcing that he is forgiving $1,500 worth of poker debts; likewise Hawkeye shows several embarresing pictures of Brigadier General Crandell Clayton but before the celebrations go much further, Radar brings news that the ceasefire did not actually happen. To make things worse, wounded begin to arrive. Afterward Hawkeye thinks of the gambling debts he forgave; the nurses who hate him and Clayton hate list.

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Research notes/Fun factsEdit

  • Apparently an alternative ending was written for this script in which the war actually did end. This was just in case the network decided not to renew M*A*S*H for another season, in which case the alternative ending would have been used and "Ceasefire" would have been the last episode.[1]
  • At the end of the episode Hawkeye and Trapper are sitting in the frame of their tent; a smiliar scene is in Bug Out (TV series episode)


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