Quentin Rockinghman, D.D.S.
Captain Rockingham
Rockingham, who's actually a Captain, poses as a Major with ICOR to lure a racist commander into resigning his commission in the Season 10 M*A*S*H episode "The Tooth Shall Set You Free".
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: Captain (O-3), U.S> Army
Job/Role in Unit: Dentist
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Darl Brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Family/Personal Information
Born: Not Mentioned
Birthplace: ????
Nationality/Race: American/Black
Spouse(s): NOt Mentioned
Relatives/Children: Not Mentioned
First appeared in: "The Tooth Shall Set You Free" in Season 10
Last appeared in: N/A, one time guest appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Jason Bernard
Captain Quentin Rockingham was a character who appears in the Season 10 episode of M*A*S*H titled "The Tooth Shall Set You Free". The part of Capt. Rockingham was played in the episode by Jason Bernard.

About Rockingham and Charles's toothEdit

While Winchester fearfully avoids getting his agonizing toothache treated, the other surgeons discover that a racist commander named Major Lawrence Weems (played by Tom Atkins) is sending his African-American soldiers disproportionally into dangerous duty.

To try to stop him from endangering the lives of other Black soldiers, Hawkeye, BJ and Colonel Potter devise a plan which included luring Weems back to the swamp to have a few drinks, hey are easily able to get him to divulge his motives in having black solidiers shipped out of his unit, either by discharge back to the states, or in a hurse. When Rockingham, who is also Black, and who also posed as a Major, and deputy Chief of Staff over personnell with ICOR Command (Hawkeye and BJ borrowed Charles's Gold oak leaf cluster), he was able to coax, rather, threaten Weems into resigning his commission by threatening the racist commander with a Courts Martial, and that he was also going to make a call to the JAG about the disproportionate numbers of African American casualties in his unit, as well as his motives in wishing to have them shipped stateside (meaning the ones that weren't killed) much sooner than other soldiers. After Weems leaves, Colonel Potter applaudes Rockingham's acting job, exclaiming "That's the best impersonation of a Major I've ever seen by a Captain!"

Rockingham Charles Hawkeye

When Charles, whose tooth Rockingham works on, he accidentally bites his hand; After Hawkeye treats the hand, Charles apologizes, claiming to have "primitive biting instincts"!

As the surgeons celebrate their moral victory over the embittered Weems, there's one more part to the plan--Major Rockingham's work on Charles's tooth! Winchester cowers in terror, but finally gives in and allows his tooth to get worked on, but, unfortunately at the expense of Rockingham, whose hand he bites, claiming that it was an accident, and that he had "primitive biting instincts"!

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