Captain Adam Casey
Dear dad again
Captain Adam Casey confesses to Father Mulchahy that he is not really a doctor in Season 1 "Dear Dad...Again"'
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: Captain (O-3), U.S. Army Reserve (he impersonates as one)
Job/Role in Unit: Impersonates as a doctor at the 4077th M*A*S*H
Home: not mentioned
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Family/Personal Information
Born: not mentioned
Birthplace: not mentioned
Spouse(s): not mentioned
Relatives/Children: not mentioned
First appeared in: "Dear Dad...Again" (Season 1)
Last appeared in: N/A single appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H (TV series)
Played by: Alex Henteloff in guest appearance
Captain Adam Casey was a character who made a single appearance on the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, appearing in the Season 1 episode titled "Dear Dad...Again". The part of Casey was played by Alex Henteloff.

About Captain CaseyEdit

Hawkeye, writing home, tells his dad about a new doctor who has been posted to the MASH: Captain Adam Casey, a person who he describes as "really a fine surgeon, every bit as good as I am". The MASH is overloaded with wounded and the staff are glad of Casey's help. Casey also turns out to be helpful in other ways, helping Father Mulcahy with his bad back and giving good advice all round. It is during his encounter with Mulcahy in the Chaplain's tent that Casey confesses that he is not really a doctor--a confession which brings back the Father's back pain! Mulcahy however keeps the confidence and appears to allow him to carry on.

Some time later, Radar spots a circular from the Provost Marshal about Casey, and shows it to Hawkeye. Hawkeye seeks out Casey in the O.R. in the middle of an operation and asks him quietly to stand down.

Outside, he tells Casey he will not blow the whistle on him if he will leave the camp within 24 hours and never touch another patient again without a license. However he asks Casey to contact him as soon as he gets one because he is very good surgeon--Frank Burns is "an alterations lady" compared to him. Hawkeye asks Casey the big question: Why? Casey tells him he has passed himself off as a teacher a lawyer and an engineer but never had the patience or the drive to get the proper qualifications. Hawkeye urges him to "try it once."

Shortly thereafter, Casey, who in reality is a Sergeant Schwartz, comes to say goodbye to Hawkeye and him for what he did and what he didn't do. Only, this time he is impersonating a chaplain!

The exploits of Captain Casey were inspired by the true story of Ferdinand Waldo Demara who impersonated (successfully) a ship's doctor on board a Canadian destroyer during the Korean War. See the details under the Research notes section of "Dear Dad...Again".

Casey the doctor-dear dad again

Casey the doctor.

Casey the chaplain-dear dad again

Casey the chaplain. Note the rank insignia on the right lapel and the Chaplain branch of service insignia on the left.