M*A*S*H episode
“Bulletin Board”
MASH Episode 3x16 Hawkeye on Trapper and Henry at Bulletin Board
Henry, Hawkeye and Trapper congregate around the "Bulletin Board" in the so-titled M*A*S*H episode.
Season 3, Episode # 16
Number (#64) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Jamie Farr
William Christopher
Johnny Haymer
Kellye Nakahara
Patricia Stevens
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: B-323
Writer(s) Larry Gelbart & Simon Munter
Director Alan Alda
Original airdate January 14, 1975
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Bulletin Board was the 16th episode of Season 3 of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, also the 64th overall series episode. Written by Larry Gelbart and Simon Munter, and directed by Alan Alda, it first aired on January 14, 1975.


Camp activities include Henry's nervous delivery of a sex lecture (while Hawkeye and Trapper heckle), a Shirley Temple movie, and a cookout.

Full episode summaryEdit

Henry gives another sex lecture, but instead of trotting out the infamous Figures A and B, the tone of the lecture is self-control. The Army’s message is Korea is in pretty bad shape already, so don’t add anyone to the population rolls. Margaret’s younger sister, a Captain, is getting married, so Margaret asks Frank for a $240 loan for a gift. Frank’s not excited about the idea, saying his money is tied up in newly-purchased war bonds. He turns down Margaret’s request and she leaves in a huff.

Trapper writes a letter home to his 7-year-old daughter, Becky. He writes about living in a tent that’s “old and smelly” and sharing it with two doctors who are “young and smelly.” He briefly describes Frank and Hawkeye, then relates an O.R. story from “last December.” A wounded soldier was brought in for surgery, but Frank found no pulse and declared him dead. Lying frozen in a minefield all night, the soldier had hypothermia, which slowed down his blood flow and kept him alive. Trapper found a faint pulse and started the operation.

A Shirley Temple movie is shown in the mess tent. Hawkeye tries to convince Radar the diminutive girl is really 42 years old whose growth was stunted with short beds and cigarettes. Henry can’t enjoy the movie, instead frets over a difficult surgery and eventually gets called back to post-op by Kellye. Klinger and Zale have the first of their physical altercations, this one over Klinger’s vacated seat after he got up for popcorn. To lighten the mood around camp, the “First Annual Polly Adler Birthday Cookout, Picnic and Barbecue” is held, but Henry is still distressed with his patient, who was just shipped to Seoul. The event, with all funds being donated to the Catholic orphanage, is a swinging affair complete with music, food, Hawaiian dancing, an R-rated puppet show, and Klinger selling kisses for a buck.

The carnival atmosphere continues with spoon races where three teams run relays to fill a glass of water with a spoon. Everyone is involved in the fun – nuns, orphans, corpsmen and nurses – except for Henry who sullenly lurks around the perimeter. Frank tries to make amends with Margaret by bringing her a helium balloon, but she pops it with a hairpin. Margaret tells Frank there is no more “us” which causes Frank to buckle and loan her the $240 – provided she sign an IOU and pay 5% interest! Furious, Margaret chases Frank, who inadvertently runs into the nurses’ foot race and wins black lacy underwear as first prize.

The final event is a tug-of-war between enlisted (Igor, Roy, Zale, Radar, and Klinger) and officers (Henry, Frank, Margaret, Hawkeye and Trapper) over a mud pit. A total laugh-fest, everyone gets coated in mud and the enlisted have little time to celebrate their victory as wounded arrive and close the festivities.

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=Trivia= Edit

At the end of the episode is a remark of Clark Gable divorce from Sylvia AShley which occurred in April 1952; likewise is a remark of Presidential candidate Dwight Eisenhower vow of go to Korea if elected president which happened after his election in December 1952-which is refereed in 4/4 "The Late Captain Pierce". In 4/3 "Change of Command" Potter takes command September 19, 1952. in 4/20 The Novocaine Mutiny takes place in October 1952. Thus is MASH 4077 had honestly followed the real KOREAN CONFLICT timeline: Season 4 would have probably been the last season for the show: Hoolihan gets married; Frank gets AWOL and is replaced by Charles.