M*A*S*H episode
“‘Twas the Day After Christmas”
MASH episode - 'Twas the Day After Christmas - Xmas party
At a camp Christmas party, several British soldiers mention a British Army "Boxing Day" tradition to Colonel Potter and others at the 4077th in "Boxing Day" in Season 10.
Season 10, Episode # 9
Number (#228) in series (256 episodes)
Guest star(s) Val Bisoglio
Kellye Nakahara
Jeff Maxwell
Michael Ensign
Leo Lewis
Roy Goldman
Bill Snider
Network: CBS-TV
Production code: 1G06
Writer(s) Elias Davis & David Pollock
Director Burt Metcalfe
Original airdate December 28, 1981
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"Snappier Judgement" "Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead"

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'Twas the Day After Christmaswas the 9th episode of Season 10 of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, also the 228th overall series episode. Written by Elias Davis and David Pollock and directed by Burt Metcalfe, it originally aired on December 28, 1981.


On the day after Christmas, the 4077th decides to try out an English tradition, Boxing Day, where the officers and enlisted personnel change places for a day.

Full episode summaryEdit

The 4077th is celebrating Christmas with a regiment of British troops. When they mention their Boxing Day tradition, Klinger is all for trying at the 4077th. Col. Potter is initially against it, but when he sees it will boost morale, he goes for it, and has the officers and enlisted men trade places for a day.

Col. Potter becomes the company clerk, putting Klinger in charge. Winchester ends up working as the cook's assistant, and Hawkeye and Father Mulcahy take up nursing duties in Post Op. He assigns B.J. and Margaret to KP duties, and makes Kellye Head Nurse.

Winchester prepares an ambitious menu, but the cook, Sgt. Pernelli (Val Bisoglio) isn't interested in complicated meals that require esoteric ingredients. He tries to convey to Winchester the urgency of getting the food cooked fast--with the volume of people about to come into the Mess Tent, they don't have time for fancy meals.

Col. Potter has a steep learning curve, too--he finds out firsthand how much work Klinger has to wade through each day, and he goofs when he arranges a trade for gasoline by giving up ten pounds of peanut brittle which is as valuable as gold. Klinger tries to be comforting, and tells Potter to check with him the next time.

A patient of Hawkeye's takes a turn for the worse, but because of a bad storm I-Corps can't send a chopper to take him to the 121st. The patient's thyroid gets set off, and his temperature shoots dangerously high. They need to find a way to cool him down, but there's no ice in the freezers--it all melted when the generator was turned off to save on gasoline. The patient is taken into the OR, and Hawkeye gets an idea how to cool him down--with an apology to Father Mulcahy, Hawkeye takes a scalpel and cuts giant holes in some of the windows (which Mulcahy previously cleaned), letting the frigid weather inside.

The next day, the patient is recovering, and everyone is back in their normal positions, each of them now with a better understanding of one another. Winchester remarks that the food wasn't even that bad.

Fun FactsEdit

The only officer who doesn't complain about the new workload is Father Mulcahy, a recurring trait he's shown in previous episodes--a nice character touch.

Nurse Kellye (Kellye Nakahara) is addressed as "Lt. Nakahara" by Klinger as he is handing out the Boxing Day assignments. In most other episodes, she was called "Lt. Kellye." "Nurse Kellye," or just "Kellye".

The character of The Cook, identified as Sergeant Salvatore Pernelli, has more screen time and lines in this episode than in the entire series combined.

Guest starsEdit

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